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About us



Ponton Group of Sex Educators


Who we are?

PONTON* is a group of young activists and volunteer peer educators affiliated with the Federation for Women and Family Planning.

We are focused on sexual and reproductive health and rights of young people. We take actions such as education and advocacy to improve knowledge and access among youth making possible to decide in sphere of sexuality and procreation – with no coercion, discrimination nor violence.

We rise youth awareness on sexual violence, sexually transmitted infections, unwanted and teen pregnancies, sex / gender / sexual orientation / gender identification discrimination. We believe that feminist perspective is extremely important for young people. We describe ourselves as peer educators – thanks to the fact we are associating young people we have a better understanding of youth.  We empower teens to make their own decisions responsibly.

Ponton advocates on national and regional level in order to include comprehensive sexuality and relationship education into obligatory school curriculum. The newly developed core curriculum for so called subject „Preparation for family life” does not contains comprehensive sexuality education, feminist values, gender equality, LGBT equality, sexual violence. Our research shows unmet needs in SRHR area among youth, including sexuality education. We send statements, open letters referring to bad changes in Polish education system concerning sexuality education.

We are engaged in activities aiming to realise youth and adolescents SRHR according to internationally accepted standards. We counter actions on every proposal according limit the youth's access to sexuality education knowledge, gynecological care, contraceptives etc.

*Ponton—the word in Polish means an inflatable orange life raft.


Sex education in schools

We visit middle and secondary schools to teach about contraception and STIs. We also talk about relationships, responsibility of partners, assertiveness and patients' rights. Unfortunately, we don't have enough time to cover all important topics, like  violence, since we are limited by school schedules and our classes take place instead of other subjects, if teachers are kind enough to grant us an hour or two. Our experience has shown that students are interested in what we talk about, they listen carefully and ask many questions. We try to facilitate conversations on difficult topics and provide information absent in teenagers' magazines. Many students and school principals have thanked us and invited our group to return and expand the programme.


Online counselling

Another activity of PONTON is e-mail counseling. The letters we receive show that young people are often helpless due to the lack of information. Girls write about unwanted pregnancies or violence – things we can't do much about as  it  already happened. If teenagers had access to reliable sexual education in schools, many personal tragedies could have been avoided.


Phone hotline

From September to June we run a hotline for teenagers every Friday between 4 and 8 p.m.


Street actions

Ponton volunteers have been advocating for comprehensive and neutral sex education in Poland and providing basic HIV and unwanted pregnancy prevention information, along with condoms and brochures, on the streets of Warsaw.



Representatives of Ponton group have attended and spoken at many national and international conferences and workshops of sexuality and reproductive health and rights (including  sex education). We were one of the supporters of the first World Contraception Day celebrations in Poland.


International cooperation:

At the regional level we are a part of Astra Youth - a network of Middle and East Europe organizations dealing with reproductive and sexual health of young people. More about Astra Youth: www.astra.org.pl/youth

We are a part of The Pact - a coalition of 69 youth-led and youth serving organizations and networks working together to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights and reach the End of AIDS by 2030. More about The Pact: www.theyouthpact.org

We also take a part, actually or in the past, in:

·         Youth in Power. Development of a Youth Strategy for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for Council of Europe and Central Asia countries. 2016/2017

·         Feminist Summer School, Bruksela, 2016

·         16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence Campaign. http://www.cyberkids.pl/en,portfolio,9,ponton.html

·         Regional Youth Forum, Istanbul, 2013: http://ponton.org.pl/en/strona/ponton-regional-youth-forum

·         Enabling Choices: Population Priorities for the 21st Century, Geneva, 2013

·         2013 - Global South Youth Advocacy Workshop in Kunming. Preparation of the strategy for 2014 and CPD.



Two of the group's founders, Aleksandra Józefowska and Anka Grzywacz, have been nominated for Polish Woman of the Year award of the popular women's magazine "Wysokie Obcasy", in 2006 and 2007 respectively. Ponton Group also received a nomination of the Dutch foundation Mama Cash for the award "She changes the world".


To contact us call: +48 22 635 93 95, +48 22 887 81 40 [ask for Aleksandra Jozefowska] or e-mail at: info@ponton.org.pl

If you want to find out more about Ponton's work, read our factsheet!

It's available to download here.


Our reports in English:

"What Does Sex Education Really Look Like in Poland?"

A 2009 report based on over 600 e-mails from young people.

2009 Summer Hotline Report

2008 Summer Hotline Report


Activity Reports

2012 Activity Report (PDF)

2013 Activity Report (PDF)

2014 Activity Report (PDF)

2015 Activity Report (PDF)

2016 Activity Report (PDF)


Ponton in media

Sex-Ed still lacking in Polish schools


Our donors