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Każdy piątek, 16.00-20.00

Youth Discussion Club

Data wydarzenia: 
Saturday, December 10, 2016 -
15:00 to 18:00

The December meeting covered the topic of taking care of one's intimate health - every day, not just on holidays! We talked about the hygiene of intimate places, quoted questions, which are asked by most young people calling the Ponton's helpline and we talked about sexually transmitted infections. It is worth knowing what are the symptoms, how to treat them, and above all what to do to avoid them!

Youth Discussion Club is a series of meetings designed for students of middle schools and high schools, where in a friendly and safe atmosphere you can expand your knowledge and talk about bugging topics. The two-hour meeting is moderated by experienced Ponton's educators.
Persons participating have received special diplomas and Ponton's gift bags!
The meeting was held in InfoPoint Menor Grzybowski 2 Square.
The event is organized in collaboration with the Museum of the History of Polish Jews POLIN, with the support of Mama Cash.
Patronage: Warsaw for free - waw4free


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