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I flee from FLE

Data wydarzenia: 
Friday, September 1, 2017 -
12:45 to 13:45
I flee from FLE

*(FLE - "Family Life Education")

Do you realise how important is comprehensive sexual education (or CSE)?

And do you realise that Polish curriculum for CSE is currently undergoing an absolute novelisation?

In the whole document (the expert commentary included) the word “family” can be found 173 times, when “sex” appears... Twice. In contexts of cybersex and addiction. 

The new curriculum’s main point is that sex should be limited strictly to marital contacts and it’s main goal should be procreation. Despite the ostensibly inclusive character of the document, matters such as human sexuality or adolescence are presented from a perspective of only one way of thinking. There’s no room for discussion or openness, fitting into gender binarism is treated as only acceptable way of living. Contraception is treated almost the same as abortion (stigmatised) and compared with natural family planning methods (with NFP introduced as “eligible”).Catholicism is imposed on students - with no other way of understanding either religiousness or morality. 

We, Ponton Group of Sex Educators, can’t sit still and observe what’s going on in Poland. Our main goal, however, is not to disencourage Polish youth from attending FLE. We're organising the street action "I flee from FLE" as both manifestation of disagreement for our govenrment's policy and creation of a safe space for discussion and free flow of ideas. 

“I flee from FLE” is our response for the government’s actions. We believe that the new curriculum is going to be not only harmful but also dangerous. Come see us on 1.09, spread the knowledge, support our cause! 

Our official statement regarding the new curriculum [in Polish] is available here:



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