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I flee from FLE

Data wydarzenia: 
Friday, September 1, 2017 -
12:45 to 13:45

I flee from FLE


On September 1, at the Metro Center station, Ponton  held a street action called “I flee from FLE(FLE - "Family Life Education"). "I flee from FLE" action’s purpose was to make the public aware of what is included in the new core curriculum and to stimulate discussion about what should actually be in it.

Thanks to you, the action was a huge success. We received a lot of comments from you, media uproar unleashed, and during the street action you have supported us with your suggestions for slogans and topics that should be talked about in school sex  education. We are very pleased that the majority of these slogans were the expression of young people of school age. This is how we know what the society, and especially the young people expect from such lessons, and to what the government closes its eyes and ears. Let us summarize the results of our "protest".

First CONTRACEPTION. This slogan appeared on your sheets frequently. Young people in the class would like to know how to make sex safer, how to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, which contraceptive methods are currently available and what will be best for them. And what is the new core curriculum? The student is supposed to be able to "separate fertility recognition methods known as natural family planning (pol:NPR) from contraception, abortificiants, abortion and sterilization" (p.23). So the new core curriculum compares contraception with abortion and sterilization. There is not a word in it about condoms, about the fact that you can buy them without being 18 years old, not to mention showing how to properly put them on. What will the consequences be? It will only arouse fear among youths (and probably this is the goal of the Ministry of Education) which young people shall displace, or dwell in. And again, we will have a situation where some young people do not even think of protection during sex, pushing the problem away from themselves; and some part of adolescents, in fear of the consequences of intercourse, will overact  - for example by putting two condoms at once or flushing sperm from the vagina with hot water, it is even possible that with the addition of dangerous substances, in the hope that sperm will thus be destroyed. These examples are not taken from the air. These are all real situation, we meet often with on our forum or while answering our hotline. As real people working with young people, we know how to handle it (in the face of misinformation on such an important topic for adolescents as contraception). Unlike the Ministry of Education, which thinks that the subject can be put under the carpet.

The same goes for the second slogan of the action: TOLERANCE. In the new core curriculum that word does not appear even once. On your sheets, this word  appeared most often, right after contraception, together with respect for diversity; especially with regard to psychosexual orientation. "Fight with homo- and transphobia" - that was one of the main slogans you wrote. Young people are already aware that society does not consist solely of heterosexual people and that biological sex does not always determine our view of ourselves. In contrast to the Ministry of Education, which still believes that there are only two acceptable identity, male and female, and the only legitimate model of functioning in society is the family, of course, built by a man and a heterosexual woman. The consequences of passing on such information can be fatal - homophobia and transphobia will be aggravated by acts of violence against non-heterosexual people, and LGBT youth who will not hear anything affirmative, will suffer more from depression, lower self-esteem, and will try to take one’s life more often.

Young people wouldn't even learn that sex itself is ok. It is possibe that the word "sex" would not be heard during the classes even once (some of  the slogans on our sheets said "so that a teacher would not be affraid of saying the word "sex"). Instead, they will learn that sex is good only beetwen spouses and when leads to procreation. Young people crave for information - they want to know what this sex is all about."Sexuality" was the third most mentioned topic during the event. Young people want to learn about their physiology and their rights.

Next to the "Sexuality", "How to refuse sex" appeared really frequently. Unfortunatelly education for family life classes  won’t provide young people with information about sexual assertiveness, that they can refuse to have sex and how to do it. They will not learn about their rights, about what sexual violence is and how to defend themselves. They will not know how to take care of their sexual health, who gynaecologist or urologist is, and when they should visit such doctor. They  won’t have a chance to hear about masturbation or pornography. Those are really important topics! But not for Ministry of Education which prefers young students to learn about savoir vivre and how to wish the best on mother's day, grandmother's day, grandfather's day etc.

Street action "I flee from FLE" showed us that the conclusions we've drawn from the new curriculum and which we included in our official  stance and numerous statements in media are real and consistent with actual state of affairs. We just reassured ourselves that new curriculum is not what youth really needs, can only lead to more chaos, fear and misinformation in their heads - in the heads of people who ARE interested in sex and it won't change, no matter what Ministry of Education thinks about it.

We really hope that pedagogues giving education for family life classes will take conclusions from our action into the account. We hope that - in line with their commentaries - they won’t follow the new curriculum, but  present the material they think is right and very needed by young people.

Here you can read our official standpoint regarding the new core curriculum:http://www.ponton.org.pl/pl/strona/stanowisko-grupy-edukatorow-seksualny...



Klaudia Kolman

Translation: Katarzyna Sęk, Magalena Woźna






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