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The position of PONTON Sex Educators Group on the Ministry of Education’s appointment of prof. Urszula Dudziak for the position of expert of the Preparation for Family Life subject


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                                                                                                         Warsaw, 09.01.2017r.



The position of PONTON Sex Educators Group on the Ministry of Education’s appointment 

of prof. Urszula Dudziak for the position of expert

of the Preparation for Family Life subject


Group of Sex Educators Ponton expresses its deepest concern about the appointment of prof. Urszula Dudziak by the Ministry of Education for the position of expert coordinating the work on the new core curriculum of the Preparation for Family Life subject

Polish school does not offer a systemic and comprehensive sex education. A Preparation for Family Life subject which should include topics related to sexuality, contraception, relationships, assertiveness, is implemented in an unsatisfying manner, as indicated by studies and reports [1],[2]. From educators experience, it is clear that young people need ideologically neutral and reliable knowledge about sexuality, but unfortunately they do not receive such knowledge in school. Myths and stereotypes are very common among young people, and these convictions cause not only embarrassment or problems with self-acceptance, but also violence, inability to protect themselves against sexually transmitted infections, unwanted pregnancy, peer pressure or sexualization.

For this reason, we learned with disappointment and fear the news about  the appointment of prof. Dudziak for the position of an expert responsible for the creation of the new core curriculum of the Preparation for Family Life subject, which even up until now had not been realized at a sufficient level. Our concerns are based on statements of prof. Dudziak, which not only are hurtful and marked ideologically, but also are sometimes completely inconsistent with the latest medical knowledge [3]. Statements like "One, who is not ready to accept offspring, consequently is not mature enough for sexual life", or "Premarital intercourse may cause severe consequences, eg. remorse haunting man until death" clearly point to the ideological approach to sex, which sole purpose is procreation, and the only possible context – marriage. Such an attitude is in contradiction with the knowledge, according to which people are a sexual beings throughout their lives. Teenagers are sexually active people, therefore they must be provided with knowledge how to carry out their sexuality without causing any harm to themselves or others, without intimidation or threat.

What is more, statements such as: “Using contraceptives leads to infidelity and divorces” or “Using condoms and withdrawal method causes breast cancer and a woman who is deprived of benefits of sperm falls ill” are simply ludicrous and contrary to medical knowledge; it is unacceptable that a person airing scientifically unconfirmed hypotheses has been appointed a task of supervising the substantive aspect of works on the school subject which should provide young people with thorough knowledge of human body and sexuality.

It is equally worrying that there are plans to clear teachers as far as their private life is concerned: “A divorcee or a person living together outside of marriage may negatively influence their pupils”. Family or intimate relationships or lack of them, as well as the nature of such relationships, as long as they are free of violence, should not have any influence on professional conduct of a teacher or education worker, working with children and the youth. A crucial aspect of working in school is unconditional respect to all pupils and an accepting attitude. Yet, some of the opinions by prof. Dudziak are marked with lack of respect, for example towards people using contraceptives or those who are sexually active in non-marital relationships.

As a group of educators staying in touch with young people, helping them in critical situations and knowing their needs as well as fears concerning health and reproductive rights we strongly believe that the appointment of prof. Urszula Dudziak for the position of expert of the Preparation for Family Life subject will do more harm than good. Prof. Dudziak’s opinions as well as her previous work for the Ministry of Education (prof. Dudziak served as an expert reviewing and selecting course books [4] which do not contain state-of-the art. knowledge and foster detrimental myths and stereotypes on sexuality [5]) are a clear indicator that pupils will find it even harder now to get access to neutral and thorough sexuality education, as all they will get will be lessons full of ideology and misinformation.


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[2] „Sprawdzian (z)WdŻ, czyli jak wygląda edukacja seksualna w polskich szkołach?”, Grupa Edukatorów Seksualnych Ponton, Warszawa 2014.

[3] Cytaty pochodzą z dostępnych w Internecie wykładów i wywiadów prof. Dudziak, m.in. „Antykoncepcja czy naturalne planowanie rodziny”: (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=odRS1I-kXNM).

[5] „Wyniki monitoringu podstawy programowej i podręczników do przedmiotu Wychowanie do życia w rodzinie – streszczenie”, Federacja na Rzecz Kobiet i Planowania Rodziny i Grupa Edukatorów Seksualnych Ponton, Warszawa 2015.


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